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diamonds speak louder than words

With decades of experience in the diamond industry, we’ve learned that it’s all about the right quality at the right price.
From efficiently sourced diamonds to top quality production,
we deliver elegance and unmatched exclusivity.

Furthermore, we provide laboratory certifications along with each creation and purchase.

– Your trusted jewelers

Exquisite Diamond Jewelry

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Diamond Jewelry for the finest You

Behind The Craft

Diamonds go beyond luxe and exclusivity. Since we were born, our parents have celebrated us by adding pieces of jewelry to our collection on birthdays, graduations and special milestones. This tradition led us to having our own personal collections that symbolize their gestures of love. Our Mother created every single piece with love, precision and an eye for detail. Over the years, we have developed a sense of attachment to each of these pieces and that’s our inspiration to create jewelry – to celebrate you and your special moments. At Reva, we bring you the new generation of diamond jewelry.
-Co-founders of Reva

Why choose Reva?


Certified diamond jewelry

To add to your trust, and to your jewelry collection


Exquisite quality

We guarantee that you acquire the highest value for your purchase



We produce only one piece per design, to preserve your individuality


Expressive designs

Jewelry designed to encapsulate precious moments, perfectly